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Anita sarkeesian responds to my charity drive

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You vs. anita sarkeesian update; trump loves the uneducated

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Sarkeesian vs amazing atheist - fundraiser für frauenrechte ist belästigung

Anita sarkeesian ist eine bekannte internet- feministin und aktivistin, bekannt für femfreq und ihre serie tropes against women. Nun plant sie eine neue serie.

Anita sarkeesian sucks

More of a serious video compared to what i usually make but its something ive wanted to share my opinions on for a while. Twitter: amazingatheist:.

Daring to actaully help women: in support of the amazing atheist

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The end of morality by amazing atheist (deleted video)

The credit for the making of this video go to tj. Kirk and his opinion on morality on which video was remove from youtube. If you wish offer support or see more.

Fuck feminism! from a cisgendered misogynist mexican-american male!

A rant on third wave feminism.. The true face of cringe and anger in the first world! When i breathe, a radical feminist says, quit breathing misogynist patriarch,.

The hypocrisy of the amazing atheist and paulsego